$1.5 Million Funding Round and Open Beta Launch

$1.5 Million Funding Round and Open Beta Launch

$1.5 Million Funding Round and Open Beta Launch

We proudly announce the successful completion of a $1.5 million fundraising round and the open beta launch of our revolutionary cinematic data storytelling tool. This milestone advances our mission to make data analysis and presentation accessible to everyone through advanced data storytelling.

The funding round saw participation from notable investors, including Interactive Venture Partners Fund, backed by the family office of Thomas Peterffy, the Founder and Chairman of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc.; and Two Sigma, a financial sciences company that takes a data-driven approach to investing.

Our tool is now available in beta and it’s free for everyone. Explore a new storytelling format, previously reserved for highly trained data visualization specialists. Stand out by delivering key insights effortlessly, helping your audience feel more informed and able to understand complex issues easily.

Thomas Peterffy emphasized the importance of informed decision-making in his career: "Throughout my journey, empowering people with the right information has been crucial. Vizzu has ambitions to revolutionize how we understand and present data, making informed decisions more accessible to everyone."

Matt Greenwood, Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Investment Management Engineering at Two Sigma, said: "At Two Sigma, data fuels our investment insights and effectively communicating data-driven hypotheses and research to diverse stakeholders is essential. Vizzu's innovative data visualization approach fosters a shared understanding and we will continue to leverage their open source solutions internally."

Since securing the funding, we expanded our team to 15 top-tier technical and product talents. Our team has embedded our animated charting engine, previously available only to developers and data scientists, into an easy-to-use software tool. From boardroom presentations and keynote speeches to collaborative team discussions on complex, data-heavy topics, Vizzu helps users present data dynamically and compellingly. Even those without analytical or data visualization expertise can now analyze their data and craft compelling animated stories effortlessly.

Here is what our CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Vidos said about the investment: "We are thrilled to have the backing of such esteemed investors. This funding and the beta launch of our tool are the result of our team's relentless effort and vision and the start of the next step in our exciting journey. We look forward to refining our product based on user feedback and embedding AI-enabled functions to further democratize data storytelling."

Future Plans:

  • AI Integration: Leverage GenAI to enhance ease of use by assisting with storytelling and automating various aspects of data presentation.
  • Enhanced Integrations: Expand support for additional input and output formats, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows and providing an end-to-end solution for data storytelling.

Vizzu is poised to transform data presentation across various fields, from C-level executives to marketing, sales, finance professionals, SMB owners, and academia. By making data stories engaging and easy to understand, Vizzu ensures that users can make a lasting impact with their presentations.

To celebrate this occasion, the Vizzu team hosted an online launch event, inviting early users and loyal followers to join in the festivities. The founders, Andrew, Peter, and Simon, took center stage, captivating the audience with a deep dive into the roots, vision, and mission of Vizzu. Peter showcased Vizzu Beta's capabilities, Simon explained the cutting-edge technology behind the scenes, and Andrew shared the electrifying next steps for Vizzu.

You can relive the magic of the Vizzu Beta Launch Celebration by watching the recording here: