Hi there!

We are Vizzu. Our passion is to enable everyone to better connect with their data.

We learned that there are no simple tools that allow anyone to create engaging, useful, and animated data visualizations that can empower storytelling. This is how the dream was born: Vizzu, a super easy-to-use data visualization and storytelling tool for everyone.

Our Mission

To make data understandable for all through our pioneering visualization tools.

What makes Vizzu, Vizzu


We love to communicate clearly and honestly with each other, our users, and our partners.


We love to invent new things and create original, exciting stories out of raw data, using Vizzu, of course. 😉


We know that we're sailing uncharted waters. But this is not enough; we believe we also need to keep evolving.


Our default approach to each other and others is trust. We love to get to know others and build meaningful relationships.


What is more important than being able to rely on each other? We are here for each other and for our beloved users.

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