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I find Vizzu very amazing. All the data that I measure are in a state of flow. Vizzu helps me to animate it, so I can explain very complex processes that are always in motion and accompany the audience in understanding how the data are related to each other.

Raphael Attié
Solar Physicist
George Mason University, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


It was a wow! Vizzu’s presentations fit our brains better. If you choose the right animation, you can convey more message than with static slides.

Antonio Cuni
Principal Software Engineer
Anaconda Inc.


The seamless transitioning between charts is very powerful, and with it helps storytelling, especially when you present to a less data oriented audience. Vizzu proposes visualizations for your dataset, which saves a lot of time.

Ritchie Vink
CEO & Co-Founder
Polars Inc.


Vizzu is really filing a gap in terms of unlocking the time dimension through animations - something that no other comparable tool does out of the box!

Dénes Csala
Senior Consultant
Infosys Consulting, Lancaster University
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Create stunning data stories

like shaping clay in your hands

Analyze and visualize data

Forget about those old-school data presentation and visualization platforms. With Vizzu, you can just drag-and-drop your data onto the canvas, and boom! It creates awesome charts right before your eyes. Plus, you can do all sorts of analysis, like checking cross-metrics and applying filters, and it's super easy.

Build animated data stories

Vizzu is like your data presentation wingman. It gives you smart suggestions on how to visualize your data. You can add slides with charts and customize your whole presentation. Vizzu goes the extra mile by adding animated transitions between your charts. This not only makes your story more engaging and easy to understand, but it also adds a touch of magic that truly brings your data to life.

Share or present your story

Vizzu takes data visualization to a whole new level of collaboration. Now you can interact with your audience online in real-time. So, when they have questions, you can answer them right then and there, with the data at your fingertips. Finally, a data presentation software that actually makes data interpretation a breeze.

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Vizzu's open-source data presentation tools for animated data stories are already being used by thousands all around the globe.
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Build charts in Jupyter Notebook and similar environments with a simple Python syntax
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It is a Javascript/C++ library for animated data visualizations and data stories
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